As we slide into the New Year, adding new colors using Benjamin Moore’s Aura Collection paint is a quick and easy way to update your home for 2018. A fresh coat of paint will instantly transform any room, without the need to spend a lot of time, effort or money. If you are ready for a whole new look this year, look to the Aura Collection for inspiration.

Changing the color of your walls is a snap with Benjamin Moore’s Aura Collection paints. The job will go quickly, thanks to the fact that you won’t require a separate primer. The zero VOC formula means that you will be able to paint without your home having a lingering wet paint or chemical smell. Outstanding mildew resistance makes the Aura Collection perfect for spas, bathrooms and other high moisture areas. The colors have been designed to last, and will not fade over time. Shades of pink, yellows, purples and greens are what color stylists are forecasting for the upcoming months. Black is of course, is always in style.

When using dark shades on walls, it is vitally important to choose a high-quality paint. The rich, lustrous colors of the Aura Collection will cover in fewer coats, and are designed to withstand repeated washings without fading. This is especially important when working with darker colors where certain cleaning solutions may cause the color to fade. 

Hot new shades for 2018 include muted pinks, and pretty pastels, such as Melted Butter CSP-905. Light colors might work best for you.

The Aura Collection provides an array of beautiful pastel shades as well as bold, bright and beautiful colors such as Purplicious CSP-465, to suit your design inspirations. In this kid’s bedroom bold colors provide a visually exciting space in which your children’s imagination can run wild. For a unique touch, bring those bold colors up onto the ceiling as well to continue the fun.Can’t decide what color to paint the walls? Narrow it down to complimentary colors and don’t forget to use the ceiling as an extension to your masterpiece. What you love is what makes your space look great. Add in a collection of Boho pieces or furniture you may have thought went out of style. This year, anything goes, just as long as you adore it.