One step furniture paint. No stripping, no sanding, no priming. Transform your furniture or cabinetry in one step! Amy Howard At Home® One Step Paint™ is a water-based paint that adheres to most any surface. Apply paint directly to old wood finishes, concrete, iron, stone, formica, etc. It dries flat, to the chalky finish that we covet on antique pieces found at the Paris Flea Market or our favorite boutique antique shops.

1 quart (32 oz.)

Click on the color chart above to see color options and make your selection to the upper right of this page.  Or input your favorite color from any of the paint companies listed.  Our color mixers are the industry leaders is color matching.  Their decades of experience mixing all types of paints and colors makes them the only choice.  With over  250,000 successful matches and counting, we can guarantee a match to the manufactures color chip. Please be aware, we will match the paint manufacturer’s color chip.  The color chip does not always match that manufacturer’s accrual paint or a computer or photographic depiction of the color.

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