• ben Chalkboard Paint

    ben Chalkboard Paint by Benjamin Moore is acrylic-based, tintable topcoat. Turn virtually any interior surface into a chalkboard!

    ben Chalkboard Paint is for interior use on previously painted surfaces.

    Use wherever a chalkboard finish is desired. For best results, use traditional, nonliquid chalk, in lighter colors.

    Available Colors: Available in thousands of colors.
    Sheen (or Gloss): Eggshell
    Cleanup: Soap and Water
    Resin Type: 100% Acrylic Latex
    Recommended Use: Interior
    MPI Rating: N/A
    VOC Level: 0.0


    Nylon/Polyester Professional Brushes
    As the result of extensive testing,  nylon/polyester professional paintbrushes are custom-blended to deliver the highest levels of performance with Benjamin Moore paints. They have just-right flex and taper for even coverage. Exceptional paint capacity provides the fastest results.

    Shed-Resistant Professional Roller Covers
    For superior performance with all paints and enamels, we recommend shed-resistant roller covers. The dense, white, woven fabric resists matting and reduces spattering for a clean job. Shed-resistant roller covers lay down the smoothest, most lint-free finish – the choice for professional results, no matter what the coating.

    Primer/Finish Systems

    Use the appropriate Benjamin Moore® Fresh Start® primer if a primer is required. Follow label directions. For previously painted surfaces in good condition, apply one or two coats of this product. Otherwise, before and after filling in nail holes, cracks and other surface imperfections, spot prime with the appropriate Benjamin Moore® Fresh Start® primer. When dry, apply one or two finish coats of ben® Chalkboard Paint (308).

    Do not apply when air and surface temperatures are below 50 °F (10 °C)

    Allow painted area to cure for 3 days before using. Painted surfaces can be washed after two weeks. High humidity and cool temperatures will result in longer dry, recoat and service times.