Painting Cost Estimator is a job tool formulated to help the residential contractor provide an accurate quote based on actual costs and desired profit, not just a look-about dollar amount.

painting cost estimatorIn today’s competitive business world, it is important to factor in your actual fixed and variable costs such as overhead, labor, equipment, and supplies. To truly realize your profit potential, these factors need to be included in your bid proposals.

This step-by-step program asks you to enter in detailed cost figures, including items such as state tax, if applicable. The program further allows you to enter details specific for the job including square footage, special considerations, etc.. Once all of the information has been entered, the Job Cost Estimator calculates an accurate figure with which to present to your client on a customized quote letter. Benjamin Moore & Co., created the Job Cost Estimator in order to assist you in optimizing your business’s profitability. The program is based in Excel and will run on both a PC and a Mac. The Job Cost Estimator is available to professional contractors at no charge from Benjamin Moore.

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Job Cost Estimator is only available in the United States.