They are back in school which means homework, uniforms, and morning wakeup arguments. Though the kids are still in summer vacation-mode, you might already be thinking about the home improvement projects you want to tackle now that you may have little more time during the day. From changing a room color to re-painting a piece of furniture or an accessory, now is your opportunity. So, while the kids are at school, have a little bit of fun yourself. Check out some of these Back To School Parent Ideas.

Change A Room Color

Have you been staring at a room and imagining it in a different color? Now is your opportunity to take the time and paint the room the color that you have been imagining. If you are tired of the white bathroom, think about changing it to a fun color like green or blue. Is every room in your house the same color? Consider making subtle changes to some of the room colors in order to add some depth to your house color pallet. Stop into Helm Paint & Decorating and bring home some inspirations color samples.

Add Wall Coverings or Window Blinds

Wallpaper is making a huge comeback in the design world. It comes in all styles and colors and it even comes designed for wet climates like bathrooms. Wallpaper can be used as an accent wall or even in small spaces like bathrooms to add a dynamic visual appeal. Do not be scared of wallpaper. If it is installed correctly, you will enjoy it for years to come or until you change your design style. Window blinds have become the trend today for windows. Drapery treatments are still available, but many of today’s consumers prefer the minimalistic approach of a simple blind to block light and add privacy. Window blinds now come in all sort of colors and materials, and they can also be customized for a fraction of the price of draperies.  Come check out our large selection of wall coverings and window blinds.

Paint Your Furniture With Chalk PaintAmy Howard one-step-paint

Are you sick of an end table or do you want to change the color of that gold mirror? You can completely change the look of that old accessory or piece of furniture with One Step Furniture Paint from Helm Paint. We offer our chalk paint in any color through our revolutionary color match technology. It is really easy to use and can change the look of an old piece of furniture into some you will love.

Stop by Texas Paint Today and put your Back To School Parent Ideas into motion.