Benjamin Moore: Psychology Of Color

You want to love the colors that surround you. That is true especially when it comes to your Bedroom.  When imagining (or reimagining) a room, remember the influence color will have on the mood of the space. The effect may be subtle or dramatic. It can encourage tranquility or boost energy, even make you feel optimistic or more introspective.

Bedroom Paint Colors

The Basics

To begin to understand color’s emotional impact, start with these color groups:

Pales – Their light, airy qualities make pale hues feel uplifting.

Neutrals – It’s no surprise that earthy, nuanced colors keep you grounded.

Whites – Pure and pristine, these timeless colors offer a blank canvas to express your style.

Deeps – Bring drama to a room with colors that are rich and mysterious.

Bedroom Color & Moods

The intersection of color, mood and emotion is of great interest to homeowners–particularly when it comes to, the bedroom.  Color choice is personal and highly subjective: use this video to help shape your color journey as you design your own unique sleeping space. Highlights from the paint colors featured in the video include…

  • Light green and blue create a feeling of relaxation
  • Pink lifts spirits
  • Dark navy gives off a dramatic air
  • Classic white conjures clarity
  • Warm gray is equally soothing and sophisticated

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