Consider The Surface Temperature

Painting In The Summer Heat

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The quality of your paint job depends on surface temperature, not just the air temperature.

Consider The Forecast

Painting In The Summer Heat

Tips For Painting During April Showers

The weather can change quickly especially during the summer months. Rain will damage your paint job.

Consider Hiring A Professional

Painting In The Summer Heat

Professional Painters

Texas Paint provides quality paint, paint supplies, and equipment for residential jobs and commercial jobs.

Paint And Heat

Paint And Heat: Summer is about to start and the heat is on. What does that mean for your house painting project?

Paint and Heat - Texas PaintWhat Could Go Wrong?

Painting in the Summer can be a challenge. The heat will make it more difficult for you to work outside and it will impact how your paint job turns out.  The best temperature to paint is around 70 degrees, according to experts. Avoid painting in direct sunlight. Keep in mind that the quality of the paint job depends on surface temperature. Consider that surfaces i