The Right Color Will Keep Your Home Cooler Inside

The Right Color Will Keep Your Home Cooler InsideIt is still cool outside, but the hot summer months are right around the corner. Did you know that the cooler months are also a perfect time to paint your house? If you pick the right color now, your home will stay cooler all summer long.

What Color To Pick

When choosing a new color to paint your home, keep in mind that dark colors absorb heat while lighter colors reflect it. As a matter of fact dark or dull colors can actually absorb up to 90 % of the suns radiant energy, according to Department of Energy’s (DOE) Cooling Your Home Naturally report.  Some of that absorbed energy is then transfer into your home by way of conduction, resulting in heat gain. Light colors, on the other hand, will reflect heat. Some studies suggest that white walls will gain up to 35% less heat than black walls. So alone by lightening your walls you could save on your electric bill in summer.

Benjamin Moore Exterior Paints

Painting a house is no small investment, so choosing the best paint color for the exterior surfaces of your house means picking colors that look great and last. Benjamin Moore Aura® has you covered with durable paints that resist the punishing effects of weather—and have a lifetime limited warranty to prove it. Aurora paints come in  over 3,500+ colors and a variety of finishes. Get rich everlasting color and unsurpassed surface smoothness with Aura Paint. For more information click here.

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